Why Orthodontic Needs are Best Addressed in the Teen Years

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You’ve probably noticed that of all age groups, teenagers are most often fitted with braces and other orthodontic appliances. The typical age range for braces is 9-16. Have you ever wondered why that is?

Your orthodontist, Dr. E. Glenn Glassman, will typically wait until all their young patients’ permanent teeth have come through before considering braces, but no longer than that. Exceptions to that rule include when crowded teeth are expected but have not yet “erupted”, or passed through the gumline. Here braces allow one to treat the problem before it arises by preserving space for those unerupted teeth and providing room for crowded, erupting teeth. Teenage years are a time of growth, and that includes the jaw. This age presents an opportunity for one’s teeth and bite to move more quickly, meaning there will be shorter treatment time. It also ensures that teens get a head start on better tooth health, as straight teeth are easier to clean and result in less cavities and tooth decay.

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