Why a Fixed Retainer Works Best for Those With Pets or Children

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Pets and children add a sense of hominess, joy and comfort to our lives. However, for those with retainers or other removable appliances, those little ones can easily cause mischief. It can also be easy to lose track of such a small appliance, especially with a strew of other toys nearby.

Whether it’s left on your bedside table or bathroom counter, a retainer can look like a new and interesting toy to pets and children alike. A simple stand on the tip toes allows your child to reach for it or a cat’s pawing can cause it to become lost forever. For patients with such circumstances at home, we may recommend a fixed retainer.

At Orthocare Systems Orthodontics, we understand that with the busyness of parenting, it can be easy to forget about wearing your retainer as directed. Cleaning your retainer is best when done with a floss threader, which can create a more time-consuming dental hygiene routine. However, as Dr. E. Glenn Glassman will tell you, a fixed retainer helps ensure your smile will remain aligned and attractive for years to come.

When you visit with our orthodontist, your concerns and dental needs can be addressed during a consultation. If you can relate to the aforementioned scenarios, get in touch with our team at 314-739-8888 to learn more about the benefits of fixed retainers in St. Louis, Missouri.