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Dr. E. Glenn Glassman offers preventive orthodontic treatments to keep bad bites and other orthodontic problems from developing. Preventive treatments can help to minimize the necessity of other, more intensive treatment later on, and help children to grow and develop properly. To learn more about preventive orthodontics in St. Louis, Missouri, and to schedule your appointment with our orthodontist, please call Orthocare Systems Orthodontics at 314-739-8888 today.

Preventive orthodontics allows our orthodontist and team to monitor your child’s teeth, and to quickly and efficiently identify and correct any developing problems early on, before there is a need for a more aggressive and costly treatment.

As your child grows, dental problems may become apparent, such as a lack of space for the teeth, too much space for the teeth, malocclusion (bite problems), jaw abnormalities, and protruding teeth. These problems may be caused by a number of things – genetics thumb sucking, poor oral hygiene, or dental disease, to name a few – but are for the most part easy to treat when caught in the early stage of development.

Benefits of preventive orthodontics include:

  • Improved oral hygiene habits
  • Monitoring and directing jaw growth and development for a healthy mouth
  • Guiding permanent teeth into proper positioning, avoiding spacing/crowding issues
  • Protecting teeth, especially protruding front teeth, from trauma
  • Improved self-esteem

We welcome you to contact our office if you suspect that your child needs preventive orthodontic treatment. Call today to schedule a consultation with our orthodontist.