The Unusual Benefits of a Retainer

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As you know, braces are designed to fix the alignment of your bite. Retainers maintain that alignment. Once your braces are removed, Dr. Glenn Glassman will fit you or your child with a custom-made retainer to wear and will give you specific instructions for wearing it. It is particularly important for you to know that should a patient choose not to wear the retainer given to him or her, the lay of the teeth can quite easily return to its original positioning, rendering the cost and effort of orthodontics for naught.

Wearing a retainer is critical. But did you know there are even some side benefits? Here they are:

1. According to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry, special types of retainers can help you stop snoring! This leads to better sleep.
2. If you or someone in your family has a speech impediment, a retainer will make it easier for him or her to speak clearly.
3. Straighter teeth not only improve the look of your smile; they actually improve your dental health and even your overall health. Follow this logic: Straight teeth are easier to clean, as they hide less bad bacteria, so you are less likely to develop dental problems. Healthy teeth help you to chew your food better, promoting better digestive health. In fact, straighter teeth are inversely linked to diabetes. Your digestion affects your other body systems and your overall health and energy levels.

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