The Solution to Snoring

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Do you or one of your family members snore? As many jokes that we make about it as a minor annoyance, snoring can actually be a sign of a sleep disorder.

What causes snoring? During sleep, the throat’s airway muscles naturally relax. Collapsing throat tissues, large tonsils, or even the tongue’s position can narrow the path of the upper airways. These narrowed tissues vibrate during exhalation and sound escapes.

The anatomy of one’s mouth and sinuses, nasal problems, sleep deprivation, sleep position, stage of sleep, weight, health, allergies, medication and alcohol consumption can all affect whether you snore. In some cases, the cause is obstructive sleep apnea. This is a serious condition in which throat tissues partially or completely block the airway. In severe cases sleep apnea can lead to suffocation and even death.

Whether your snoring is mild, moderate or severe, Orthocare Systems Orthodontics has a solution. We offer custom-made, affordable orthodontic appliances designed to open up the pathways in the throat, helping you and your family members have a safer, more restful sleep. Dr. E. Glenn Glassman, your orthodontist in St. Louis, Missouri can give you personalized, expert advice on the best snoring appliance for you. Call us at 314-739-8888 to schedule a consultation.