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Thank you for visiting Orthocare Systems Orthodontics. We hope that your experience at our practice has been positive. We invite you to leave us a review detailing your experience with our orthodontist. If you are new to the [area], please feel free to read some of our patient testimonials to see what our patients think about us. We also welcome you leave your own testimonial on one of our social media sites following your appointment with our doctor. To learn more about orthodontics in St. Louis, Missouri, and to schedule your next appointment with Dr. E. Glenn Glassman, please call us at 314-739-8888 today.

Dear Doctor:

My daughters both received their braces through your office and have finished all their retainer checkups. We’ve all been so pleased with the results. That’s why when my older daughter Heather got “prettiest smile” for her senior year and then my younger daughter Megan 3 years later comes along and got the same title we were thrilled and wanted to share this since feel we owe much of their pretty smiles to you guys! !
In fact: they could be a commercial for you “see, this is what could happen after letting us take care of you”! I’ve enclosed copies of my daughters’ pages from their yearbooks (Affton High School 2009 and 2012) showing their beautiful smiles!

Rick and Brenda B.

Dear Dr. Glassman

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the excellent orthodontic work you have performed for me and my three children.
My two sons, Joseph and Gregory, had their upper teeth straightened with braces over 15 years ago when they were attending Francis Howell North high school. You gave us a nice discount since they were having their braces put on at the same time and their teeth still look terrific.
I also decided to have my teeth straightened with braces, along with my daughter, Kristina, by you around eight years ago when Kristina was in high school. Again, you gave us a family discount on your first rate work and we are still quite pleased with the beautiful results.

Best regards,

Thomas F.

I think Dr. Glassman is very nice and funny. He makes me feel welcome and good about my teeth and smile. Dr. Glassman and stuff make a great team. They together do their job very well. I learned from the them how to take good care of my oral health, which is very important for my overall health. I am thankful for everything they do for to get that perfect smile.

Adisa H.

My daughter’s orthodontist is really nice and a funny person. We’re glad we chose this location. He is always ready for conversation and you can make solutions with him. His associates are really nice.

Azea A.

I am happy with how my son’s teeth came out.


Dr. Glen does a wonderful job making beatiful smiles for people like me that were embarassed to smile before braces made my teeth straight. I would highly recommend him to everyone.


Dr. Glassman and his team did a great job fixing my sons teeth. They clearly communicated what was happening each step of the way. They were flexible and patient. We are pleased with the results my son experienced with Dr. Glassman.

-Jeff & Luke S.

My son really enjoyed seeing Dr. Glassman. I can honestly say I have never had an unpleasant visit. The waiting area atmosphere is very welcoming!


I’m very happy to see my neice with a a nice beatiful smile. The change in just a couple of months is impressive. I’m very glad that my sister chose Dr. Glassman to correct her teeth. My daughter is also a patient of Dr. Glasssman as well. I highly recommend him.

-Cecilia O

A year ago Jessica started her braces treatment and now I can see amazing results. Her smile is beautiful with straight teeth. She is confident. I’m very grateful with the Doctor and the team.

-Ana R.

Even though my treatment is not finished, I have my new fmile to give me confidence. I thank you and am greatful for your service.

-Jessica R.

Dr. Glenn Glassman and his staff working for him are the best. I have been coming to his south location almost two years and I almost finish my treatment. I am very excited to see result. I am so glad that I picked this orthodontist. They are very professional, flexible with scheduling appointments, everybody is very friendly.