Persistent Problems With Sleep Apnea Contribute to other Medical Conditions

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As we talked about last month, sleep apnea sufferers frequently struggle with poor quality sleep related to chronic snoring and periodic breathing interruption. In this month’s blog, we would like to talk a little bit more about this condition. You see, if sleep apnea goes unaddressed the respiratory issues can start to contribute to other medical complications such as high blood pressure as well as increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

A professional diagnosis is an important step in the treatment process. A patient who suffers from severe sleep apnea will likely need to sleep with a positive air pressure device such as a CPAP machine.

If you are diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea you may find symptom relief from sleeping with a prescription snore guard in your mouth. Our orthodontist can help you understand your options. The style Dr. E. Glenn Glassman recommends will be influenced by the characteristics of your mouth as well as your personal preference.

Individuals with a complete or partial denture often need a tongue stabilizing device. Also knowns as a TSD this type of dental appliance doesn’t need to attach to your teeth in any way.

Mandibular advancement devices come in a wide range of styles and designs. Many of them attach to the teeth and some include a stabilizing hinge.

Thermoplastic or boil and bite snore guards are made from a special material that softens when heated in water. Once it becomes pliable you simply bite down firmly on the snore guard and it will conform to the shape of your teeth and the contours of your bite pattern for a custom, comfortable fit.

So if you live in the St. Louis, Missouri, area and you’re suffering with mild to moderate sleep apnea, we encourage you call 314-739-8888 to explore your snore guard options available at Orthocare Systems Orthodontics. We are here to help you get your best sleep possible.