How Orthocare Systems School Assemblies are Making a Difference

Dr. E. Glenn Glassman, founder of Orthocare Systems Orthodontics, has been involved in making the community a better place through dental education for decades. He has received several awards and citations for his involvement. For ten years, he coauthored the “Tooth Talk Column” in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. For... Read more »

How Braces Can Be Beautiful

Are you considering braces for yourself or your child? You’re not alone. Braces are one of the most common orthodontic services offered. If you didn’t already know, here’s some basic information about braces. Braces consist of a system of metal brackets, wires and bands that are bonded to the front... Read more »

How Braces Can Transform Your Smile

You’ve probably seen many children, teens and even adults with metal braces on their teeth. Perhaps you are considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or a member of your family. Orthocare Systems Orthodontics in St. Louis, Missouri wants you to have all the information you need throughout this process as well... Read more »

Why Orthodontic Needs are Best Addressed in the Teen Years

You’ve probably noticed that of all age groups, teenagers are most often fitted with braces and other orthodontic appliances. The typical age range for braces is 9-16. Have you ever wondered why that is? Your orthodontist, Dr. E. Glenn Glassman, will typically wait until all their young patients’ permanent teeth... Read more »

The Unusual Benefits of a Retainer

As you know, braces are designed to fix the alignment of your bite. Retainers maintain that alignment. Once your braces are removed, Dr. Glenn Glassman will fit you or your child with a custom-made retainer to wear and will give you specific instructions for wearing it. It is particularly important... Read more »

Options for Affordable Orthodontic Care

Orthocare Systems Orthodontics in St. Louis and St. Peters, Missouri cares deeply about providing orthodontic care to people in all walks of life. That’s why we work so hard to make our services as affordable as possible while maintaining a safe, high-quality practice. Here are some things we can do... Read more »

The Solution to Snoring

Do you or one of your family members snore? As many jokes that we make about it as a minor annoyance, snoring can actually be a sign of a sleep disorder. What causes snoring? During sleep, the throat’s airway muscles naturally relax. Collapsing throat tissues, large tonsils, or even the... Read more »

Meet Your Orthodontist, Dr. Glenn Glassman

What if your orthodontist were also a skydiver, rock-climber and alligator wrestler? What if you and your child were on a first-name basis with this orthodontist? At Orthocare Systems Orthodontics, you’ll meet just such a man. Dr. E. Glenn Glassman, whom patients affectionately call Dr. Glenn, also happens to be... Read more »

How to Fix and Treat a Broken Bracket on Your Braces

Broken brackets can be inconvenient, annoying, and troublesome. However, there are things you can do to improve the situation and make the broken bracket a little less terrible. Those things are: -Step No. 1: Check the damage. Look to see if the bracket is still attached to the wire. If... Read more »

Why Should You Consider Getting Orthodontic Braces?

You should consider getting orthodontic braces if you have a smile that needs to be straightened. With a straighter smile, studies have shown you are more likely to experience an increase in your self-esteem, a positive self-image, and a desire to maintain optimum oral, physical, and mental health. Not only can... Read more »