Orthodontic Treatments Are Effective at Treating Malocclusions

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If you wish to improve your oral health care, it is important to make sure your teeth are straight and free of malocclusions. Malocclusions are bad bites and misalignments typically seen in the incisors. Orthodontic treatments are effective at treating a wide variety of malocclusions.

Most malocclusions take place within the incisors, which are the front teeth in the mouth. They are prominently featured on both the upper and lower rows in your jaw. Various forms of incisor malocclusions include misplaced midlines, open bites, deep bites (known as closed bites), overbites (known as upper protrusions or buck teeth), and underbites (known as bulldog teeth).

Other types of malocclusions include spacing malocclusions, transposition malocclusions, and rotation malocclusions. Spacing malocclusions include irregular gaps and overcrowded teeth. Transposition malocclusions occur when teeth erupt above the gumline in the wrong spots. Rotation malocclusions are simply teeth that have rotated out of their normal alignments. Another common form of malocclusion that is often treated with orthodontic braces is crossbites, which occurs when the lower jawbone extends beyond the upper jawbone.

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