Meet Your Orthodontist, Dr. Glenn Glassman

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What if your orthodontist were also a skydiver, rock-climber and alligator wrestler? What if you and your child were on a first-name basis with this orthodontist? At Orthocare Systems Orthodontics, you’ll meet just such a man. Dr. E. Glenn Glassman, whom patients affectionately call Dr. Glenn, also happens to be the rather successful owner of a well-established business with three convenient locations–two in St. Louis and one in St. Peters, Missouri.

Dr. Glenn started his post-high-school education at Northwestern University in Illinois and graduated from Washington University in our very own St. Louis, MO. He has a doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Missouri in Kansas City and a degree in Orthodontics from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. He founded Orthocare Systems Orthodontics in 1980.

Dr. Glassman is very committed not only to improving the physical dental health of his patients, but to educating those in our community about oral health. He co-authored the “Tooth Talk” column which was published in the St. Louis Post Dispatch for a decade. He and his expert staff also provide free, participant-involved education presentations to children in inner-city St. Louis. He has received many awards and citations for his contribution to dental education in the St. Louis area.

Dr. Glenn Glassman knows how important it is to provide safe, effective and most of all, affordable orthodontic care. Call Orthocare Systems Orthodontics at 314-739-8888 and we’ll have you or your child on the way to a healthy and beautiful smile.