How Orthocare Systems School Assemblies are Making a Difference

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Dr. E. Glenn Glassman, founder of Orthocare Systems Orthodontics, has been involved in making the community a better place through dental education for decades. He has received several awards and citations for his involvement. For ten years, he coauthored the “Tooth Talk Column” in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. For over three decades, Orthocare Systems Orthodontics has provided non-profit, entertaining and informative orthodontic and dental education to thousands of school children in the St. Louis area.

Are you interested in hosting a school assembly in your area? These are some of the highlights of our 45-60 minute presentation:

-Techniques on brushing and flossing teeth and other dental care techniques
-Dr. Glenn shares his “Story of Decay”
-A visit from the Tooth Fairy
-A visit from Mr. Big Tooth
-Magic tricks
-Information on health-care career opportunities for older children
-Free toothbrushes

We are dedicated to creating an environment for children that is fun, engaging and educational. All our school assemblies are non-profit and are simply designed to serve the community. Call Orthocare Systems Orthodontics in St. Louis and St. Peters, Missouri at 314-739-8888 to learn more about bringing one of our assemblies to your school. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.