How Braces Can Transform Your Smile

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You’ve probably seen many children, teens and even adults with metal braces on their teeth. Perhaps you are considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or a member of your family. Orthocare Systems Orthodontics in St. Louis, Missouri wants you to have all the information you need throughout this process as well as a means to affordable braces. Here’s a brief introduction:

Orthocare Systems Orthodontics offers two kinds of braces:
• Traditional Braces—Composed of metal brackets bonded to each tooth and soldered to bands that wrap around each tooth.
• Clear Braces—These braces are made of tooth-colored ceramic providing a more aesthetic appeal.

Depending upon the needs and diligence of the patient, braces can be worn anywhere from one to three years. You’ll need to set up an appointment with our office about once a month so your orthodontist, Dr. Glenn Glassman can check the pressure these braces will put on the teeth and make adjustments as needed. We may need to use other orthodontic appliances to provide the support to shift the placement of the teeth and bite.

After the braces come off, Dr. Glenn might recommend a wisdom tooth extraction as well as a retainer. Both of these things will stabilize the placement of your newly straightened teeth.

Have more questions? Call Orthocare Systems Orthodontics at one of our convenient locations in St. Louis and St. Peters, Missouri. Your orthodontist, Dr. Glenn Glassman and our capable staff can offer you a consultation and help you figure out a very reasonable payment plan. Call us at 314-739-8888 to get started!