Don’t Let a Misaligned Bite Keep You from Having a Healthy Smile

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Did you know that having a misaligned bite can result in oral health problems? Well, it’s true. Unfortunately, when the teeth are suffering from malocclusion, you are at higher risk for tooth decay, gum disease, jaw problems, uneven wear on the tooth resulting in dental erosion, and even cause speech and chewing problems.

No matter what the reason for malocclusion, whether you lost teeth, you sucked your thumb as a child, you inherited a propensity towards misalignment from your family tree, or you sustained an oral accident, there is help for a more aligned bite. Your bite can be corrected with the help of orthodontic treatment.

More and more adults, as well as children and teens, are engaged in orthodontic treatment. Wearing braces, whether the traditional metal brackets and wires or ceramic braces or even wearing clear, removable aligners, there is an option available to you.

Like yourself, more and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment, not just children between 8 and 13 years of age. Depending on the method used and the degree of your misalignment needing to be corrected, treatment time can take from one to three years. After that, you will be wearing a retainer to maintain your new alignment.

Are you ready to learn more? Our orthodontist, Dr. E. Glenn Glassman is happy to evaluate your smile and suggest treatment possibilities for you. We invite you to call Orthocare Systems Orthodontics in St. Louis, Missouri, at 314-739-8888 for more information and to schedule a consultation.