Damaged Braces Need to Be Repaired to Prevent Further Complications

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The braces installed in your mouth at Orthocare Systems Orthodontics’s St. Louis, Missouri clinic represent the function component needed to gradually adjust the position and orientation of your teeth. This will effectively reduce the chances of suffering certain dental complications as well as provide you with a much more appealing smile.

While the orthodontic components are meant to be durable enough to handle basic oral functions, they can suffer some wear and tear as time goes on. This is even more likely to be an issue if you chew gum or eat sticky and hard foods. These activities can significantly increase your risk of suffering damage to one or more braces components.

If something feels loose or is otherwise damaged it can alter the tension used to progressively realign your teeth. This could potentially increase the number of adjustment sessions, and total amount of time it takes to realign your teeth.

In a situation like this, you should not delay in calling 314-739-8888 to seek advice from one of Orthocare Systems Orthodontics’s orthodontic staff, while also scheduling a timely appointment to have it repaired.

If your cheek or gums is threatened by a sharp point, you can secure it inside a special piece of orthodontic wax. If you don’t have it readily on hand, you can improvise with a pencil eraser.

A spacer can sometimes come loose and fall out shortly before you are due for your next adjustment session. In a situation like this, you should contact our office to seek advice. In many cases, he will likely suggest scheduling an earlier appointment.

If any part of your braces is loose or damaged, you should call 314-739-8888 to speak to a member of Orthocare Systems Orthodontics’s staff at out St. Louis, Missouri orthodontic clinic.