Brushing Tips that Can Help You Clean Around Braces

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When you have braces, food particles and plaque can get stuck and gather around your orthodontic appliance, which can cause issues in the long run. This is why it’s important to properly brush your teeth regularly. To help you, our orthodontist, Dr. E. Glenn Glassman, has some tips for you.

First, focus on cleaning every tooth equally. All you need to do is spend about 10 seconds cleaning each tooth and use the same cleaning technique for each chomper. Make sure to clean every surface of the tooth, like the front, back, and chewing surfaces as well as around the brackets and under the wires.

Second, use a soft-bristled toothbrush as you scrub. This tool might not seem very tough, but it is. It can properly clean your teeth and braces as well as care for your gums. You should also use fluoride toothpaste as you brush. That way your teeth can be nourished and strengthened while they are being cleaned.

Third, gently clean the braces. You don’t need a tough routine to thoroughly clean the appliance. All you need to do is press the toothbrush against the braces so the bristles spread around the brackets and under the wires. When you’re ready, start scrubbing. An electric toothbrush might make this task a bit easier.

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